Follow me on Twitter, please?!/ThaisRdeSouza

I know most of the tweets are in Portuguese, but that’s because all my followers are Brazilian. Follow me, please? I’ll follow everyone back. ;)

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Who’s your lady friend there?

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hey, can you tell me what theme your blog is? thanks :)

I got it from there, it’s the “Our Song Theme”, the one with the Taylor Swift photo. ;)

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Where do you get your pictures to edit from? c:

I have the episodes in HD, so I usually just take the captures myself with KMPlayer.

When it comes to photoshoots, lots of them come from here:

Hope it helped ;)

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OK, so I made a PLL blog.

Please, all the PLL fans, will you follow me???

Thanks :)

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Alright, guys, I need help.

You see, I’ve had the following issue with this blog’s new theme.

As you can see, there’s a navigation bar on the left, where you can put some links. I’ve been trying to link my personal tumblr there, but I just can’t. I think that the way this theme was built allows only internal pages to be linked. I know nothing about theme construction, so I can’t go mess with its HTML without getting completely lost. ¬¬

Is there any way I can solve this?

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i love that photoset you did for carly, "i'm not coming back" because whenever i see your url above it, i always read it like, "bitch i'm not coming back"

LOL I had never thought of that before!!! That would definitely be a priceless line if iCarly wasn’t supposed to be a kids’ show.

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iCarly Hair Porn - Carly Edition

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